Fly Fishing School

Central Florida Fly Fishing School

“Capt. Giles had me casting a basic set up at the first lesson, and then refined my new skills at the next few classes. He also helped me with other related techniques like knot tying, fly tying and cleaning the line. Capt. Giles’ unique field targets emphasize a smooth and repeatable casting style while your mind is distracted with aiming at the various types of training targets. I highly recommend his laid-back teaching style and overall knowledge of the sport.” – Dr. Ryan Collins (Indian Harbor Beach, Florida)

Fly fishing is the most exciting, satisfying fishing method for anglers of all ages. It is not scary, intimidating, and best of all, not difficult! The rewards will far outweigh the time you spend on correct practice. The Central Florida Fly Fishing School offers professional level casting instruction for beginning and advanced students with hands on instruction with Dave Havilandand Captain Gary Giles. Besides our extensive fly casting experience, we are the ONLY school to simulate real-world fly fishing scenarios with our custom build casting park. The park includes up to seven targets, each with different configurations to accommodate any casting angle, a distance lane marked every 20 feet, and a unique backcast training bar! This is a great set up for fly casters to practice both accuracy and distance under the guidance of knowledgeable instructors.

Since we use T.L. Johnson fly rods in our class, students can get 50% off the purchase of a new T.L. Johnson fly rod after completing the class! However, the BEST part of the entire package is our portability, which means we can COME TO YOU! We specialize in clubs and groups so please call now to arrange a class

Fly casting “Exercise” course, allowing you to practice distance, tight loops, and even casting under a “dock”

Fly School Videos

$100 individual or $150 for 2 people
Professional instruction by Capt. Gary Giles and Dave Haviland
4-hour course – 2 consecutive Saturdays from 10 am to 12:30
Special group rates available. – OR – A Private One-on-One Casting Lesson AND Charter
$300.00 includes 4 hours of fly fishing and casting instruction!
Learn to fly fish AND catch fish at the same time!
Call (321)258-0041 for details